At ARC we believe in providing information to all parties interested in attending, participating or organizing conferences in the Kingdom and the Arab World, related to the services which we offer in the different fields.

Our website features the upcoming conferences and provides you with the name of the conference, the date, the venue, the contacts and the description of the conference. Through our website, you can check full listings.


Also if you are organizing a conference we will post all of the above mentioned details on our website for free and including a link from our website to yours so that all our visitors can obtain such information.

At ARC we are convinced that this decade will see a tremendous increase in the numbers of conferences that will take place in the Arab Gulf and we intend on being part of this growth.

ARC participation in conferences will be through different roles such as lecturers, seminar organizers, workshops coordinators and at times sponsors as well as full-fledged organizers.