At ARC we have been offering our “Mystery Shopping” service to our clients and others as part of a quality control program which is essential for every business to conduct meaning an objective self evaluation of its performance through their customers. ARC’s trained shoppers are qualified to anonymously evaluate the quality of products, the operations, the customer services, the employees’ loyalties and the merchandising.

The findings allow for proper feedback at the front line operations: Monitoring facility conditions and asset protection. At ARC we believe that all businesses should keep up with their growth and the best way to measure whether the development is positive or negative is through the findings of the mystery shoppers. Findings reveal the weak points such as failure that is due to the falling service standards which are translated in the fall of the customer traffic and complaints that can spread as fast as a fire in a cane field endangering the overall reputation of the business and our mystery shopper can spot the failure in service before it becomes critical.

ARC invisible shoppers are instructed to monitor and measure service performance, they behave just like any other customers, friendly as they make a purchase and at times rather demanding during a return also fuzzy and picky during their visits asking difficult questions to test the staff.

ARC’s mystery shoppers then record the degree of cooperation through the service and staff performance, then recommend to the management the ways to correct the mistakes made, make suggestions to reward the employees who showed good service and introduce incentives as it will improve the customers satisfaction and enhance the employees overall performances and morals.

ARC is a firm believer that a positive relationship between the management and the staff is the key element in the success of any business and that this needs to be reinforced in every opportunity. The findings of the mystery shoppers can provide and ensure that the employees are aware of the importance of high standards when serving all customers and increase customer satisfaction.

It is a fact that competition today is getting harder and promises to get harder in the future, and the findings of our mystery shoppers can increase the costumer satisfaction thus increase sales and profits that are the main goals of any business.