Total Quality Management (TQM)

At ARC our team offers you a complete TQM program which is a management strategy aimed at embedding awareness of quality in all organizational processes. TQM has been widely used in manufacturing, education, government, service industries, as well as NASA space and science programs. Total Quality provides an umbrella under which everyone in the organization can strive and create customer satisfaction at continually lower real costs.

BPR: Business process re-engineering

ARC offers to perform a complete study of current organizational processes and introduce the most appropriate divisions of functions to the departments whether in operating or in administrative units. The study will investigate any inherent weaknesses that impede performance and focuses on functional links between various units which may need to be merged or eliminated. Alternatively, it recommends the formation of new setups, if warranted, for the achievement of corporate objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The study often extends to examine staff needs to ensure that the appropriate levels are maintained, i.e. to prevent shortages or over-staffing; in addition, it deals with performance and productivity evaluation.

Policies and Procedures

Each entity has a specific description of business outlets that agree with the vision settled by each commercial entity for itself. In order to assure the maintenance of outlets production, the executive administration must adopt a group of policies in addition to procedures that carry out these policies. Besides, documentation of the policies and procedures to all administrations allows the entities to produce the results agreed upon at all times without any deviation.

We help our clients through the administration lists services in the form that the administration relations determine among many posts on which the work units are involved, then this frame is complied by the relations between each role played by each individual working in this entity, this may assure at the end the best performance and well development.