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Dr. Khaled Alharthi, ARC’s Chief Executive Officer
Credentials of Dr.Khaled Fahed Alharthi.

Dr. Khaled Fahed Alharthi is one of the business men who outshined in his career in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he is an expert and writer in the economy sector of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf, and also a member in a great number of scientific and business committees. He received his high school education at Dar Al-Fekr School, the scientific division, in Jeddah and completed his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in May 1999, then he received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in June 2003 from Brunel University in the United Kingdom. Dr. Khaled completed a PhD. topic dissertation was “The role of small and medium enterprises in promoting sustainable development.” Professional Experiences: Dr. Alharthi is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ARC Consulting Group in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he has been the head of the Private Franchising Group since 2003 and he is a Management Consultant for Strategic Planning in ANC for Managerial Consultancy, also he worked as a Consultant for ACB for Economical Consultancy, both companies are located in London. Dr. Alharthi believes in the voluntary work and social services, he joined the Chamber of Commerce and is the President of the Committee for all Restaurant, Coffee Shops & Resorts in the Kingdom, a member of the Tourism Committee, a member of the Jeddah Youth Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the Economic Committee of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Alharthi is a member of the Maka Al-Mokarama Development Project (supervising a team on proceeding strategy), one of the members at Al-Aghar Group, he is an economical and strategic consultant for a number of companies and private bodies, and a member of a number of commercial and social committees. He has participated as a member of delegations from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to a number of countries, and he has contributed and collaborated to improving relations with international associations. Dr Alharthi is a member of the Youth Universal Leaders Group and a member of the Youth Arab Leaders (YAL) Association and a member in the International MBA Association. Dr. Khaled Alharthi Chief Executive Officer Dr. Alharthi has made substantial contributions in conferences and lectures held in Oxford, London, Harvard Universities and the University of Egypt and on the subjects of economy, management and finance. He has attended courses specialized in strategic planning from the University of London Business School as part of a study on the activation of the contributing role of the youth in a developing economy through a workshop on the margin of the economical forum held in Phavos, Greece. Add to that, he shared a working paper in a conference in Dubai about the future of family enterprises in the Gulf, he also presented a series of studies and researches on the matters of globalization, small and medium enterprises and the role of the youth in the creation nations and the tourism industry. Dr. Alharthi has accomplished personal achievements, and he is the first Saudi Arabian to establish an economical and managerial consultancy center at an age below thirty. Dr. Alharthi has made many contributions in the Media and he has several appearances on TV shows about economic and strategic analysis like Al-Jazeera, Al-Hurra, Al-Arabia, Al-Akhbaria, BBC, and the CNBC, he is also a weekly writer in Okaz and the Middle East newspapers.