At ARC we offer the following Seminars:

SEMINARS , more than 10  topics for both Franchisees and Franchisors 

Workshops are a derivative of the seminars

The series of seminars covers a wide range of Franchise topics including some specialized topics staring with “ Introduction to Franchising and the franchise cycle  ”  

There are three types of income that can be derived from seminars based on the audience and classification of the attendees:

  1. Seminars weekly to the public at large , variety of topics
  2. Seminars to companies through  “in-house” Seminars, with Specialized topics
  3. Seminars Sponsorship by the local Chambers of commerce with Specialized topics

Seminar Description : The average number of Seminars per week is minimum of one and maximum of two  based on a one day seminar from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, with four main sessions the  morning session 9 to 11 am , then coffee break,  the late morning session 11 am to 1 pm includes a case study  , then lunch from 1 to 2 pm,  and then the  afternoon session from 2: 00 to 3;30 pm , then coffee break and then the final concluding session from 3:30 to 5:30 pm includes a case study as well, and an open  questions and answers period. All attendees receive a certificate of attendance and complete folder with both a hard and soft CD copy of all the topics and case studies discusses during the seminar .

A number of seminars are *available as Lectures and also as seminar, and it is  recommended that lecture be attended first before the seminar.

Kindly contact our office to obtain a schedule with the dates, times , venues and seminar fees

At ARC seminars , lectures and workshops are an integral part of our phylosophy to inrich the participants with the latest information and analysis necessary for their future success in all of our consultancy fields.

Franchise Seminars and topics :

Code FCS 101* Topic : “Introduction to Franchising and the franchise cycle”  

Code FCS 101 A* Topic : ”Franchises for women, choosing, acquiring & managing a Franchise“ 

Code FCS 102* Topic : “Franchises , choosing , acquiring and managing a Franchise”

Code FCS 103 Topic:  “The legal Contract to Any Franchisee agreement“

Code FCS 104 Topic :  “The role & importance of the Franchisor International Franchise Division”

Code FCS 105* Topic :  “Company evaluation to becoming  a Franchisor“

Code FCS 106* Topic : “ The Franchise Tools required becoming a Franchisor “


Code FCS 107* Topic : Manuals “ How to write up a set of manuals?”

Code FCS 107 A* Topic : How to write up an Operations Manual ?

Code FCS 107 B* Topic : How to write up a Training Manual?

Code FCS 107 C* Topic : How to write up a concept  Manual Product/ service assembly?        

* Available as Lecture and as seminar, recommended that lecture be attended first before the seminar


Code FCS 107 D Topic : How to write up a Franchisors Human Resources Handbook?

Code FCS 107 E Topic :  How to write up a Project Coordinator Handbook?

Code FCS 107 F Topic : How to write up a Branch Manager  Handbook?

Code FCS 107 G            Topic : How to write up a 5 year Brand Development Program?

Code FCS 107 H Topic : How to produce and print your own Franchise Brochure?

Code FBC 107 I Topic : How to establish your Franchisor International Franchise Division