Corporate Profile

Following the consultancy centers pattern and the use of the same method in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the concept of ARC for Consulting and Studies was formed to improve the adopted traditional ways by using the most recent techniques and scientific tools to handle a variety of studies.

ARC’s strength lie in its strategic alliance with a number of international consultant centers to exchange knowledge and experts. The strategic perspective of ARC Center is the “Think Tank” and on the long run to contribute in the everlasting development of Saudi Arabia, also to develop the local investment structure through a well acquainted team of experts.

ARC’s team is the key to its success and excellence due to its members’ intellectual and scientific collaboration on the one hand, and their field knowledge on the other. During our development of ARC the multiplicity of the consulting services became a distinctive characteristic at ARC, starting with the management and marketing consultants using the most recent scientific tools and international methods then transferring them to local production through field studies.

Later on, ARC continued to develop by adding the commercial Franchise services, Hospitality services, web design and graphics solutions, a trilingual translation service, achieving thus a transitional movement in the consulting philosophy. At ARC Center we believe that providing knowledge and conveying information and learning are the most prominent social services, so the center provides a number of lectures and workshops in many specialized fields.

ARC will remain committed towards its clients: “promising less than what we do and doing more than we promise”.