Development of New Concepts

It is becoming the “norm” for potential investors in the Arab World looking for a unique opportunity and a futuristic outlook to develop new concepts rather to buy the existing franchises.

Operators or investors who have themselves developed a new concept or purchased a concept idea from others and are willing to commit themselves to the implementation of such a concept from start to finish must realize that this is a long term commitment and can count on ARC’s support to assist in the entire process.

Just like in a franchise implementation cycle, the development of a new concept has four basic phases.

Phase I:

The first phase involves the idea, concept characteristics, concept criteria which for the most part are all unique to every concept. This phase includes a detailed study of the market to evaluate the feasibility of the concept and its chances for success, in addition to the competition that the concept will face as it is introduced being a new brand in the market. Furthermore, it involves a realistic attempt to obtain a niche in the market represented by the number of clients/customers which this concept would attract from the existing pool of customers attracted to similar concepts.

Upon completion of this phase with its findings and verifying the positive feasibility, the investor/operator may proceed to the second phase.

Phase II:

Is basically known as the pre-opening phase and this involves finding the right location, commissioning the right architectural and interior design firm to bring out the best of the concept, the design of the front of a house and the back of the house when dealing with F&B concepts, and setting up a proper time line for implementation of all matters related to the preopening requirements.

Phase III:

Phase three of the development of a new concept involves the recruitment and training of the human resources that will operate successfully such a concept and preparations for the grand opening.

Phase IV:

The last and final phase involves what is called the “post opening” period being a critical time because it poses which is to maintain the momentum of the concept following its grand opening and to operate the concept successfully. Most concepts tend to fail after opening due to the lack of proper financial management and

effective controls, good management, as well as the lack of marketing in terms of promotions and up-sales techniques.

In all of the above phases, ARC will assist the investor/operator and in many cases ARC may even provide direct management assistance during all phases.


At ARC, the development of a new concept is considered to be a challenge because it involves keeping up with the new trends based on market demands and at the same time respecting the cultural norms and values of the local market and its population.