As franchising continues to grow in the Arab World, it is becoming quite clear that the number of franchises available (be it western or even homegrown in the Arab countries) are very limited and therefore many interested parties are inclined to look for new concepts that can be acquired.

The difference between a new concept and a franchise is that the franchise is in actual facts a successful concept which has been implemented, has a track record and has established a recognizable brand identity.

A new concept is based on an idea that when presented on paper through a business plan it shows that it could be very viable and successful.

At ARC we always focus on the ingenuity and creativity of many individuals including our own staff and thus we try and develop new concepts for our clients.

The developments involve ideas of “international standards”, and include a complete brand identity package, very attractive architectural interiors and impressive exteriors, a complete Business Plan which lists all personnel required including job descriptions, a detailed market analysis in order to insure that the new concept will be able to gain a “niche” in the market and a comprehensive time line for implementation a budget computed and calculated to include all costs.

At ARC we provide new concepts also we are able implement the concepts for our clients through a systematic prototype offering assistance during the pre-opening, the grand opening and the post opening phases to ensure success.

Furthermore, at ARC we believe that any “new concepts” we offer can be franchised be franchised in the future.

Obviously, the price for a concept is lower than the price for a successful franchise although once a concept is successful it can meet the franchise price and even higher.

The development of new concepts in the Arab World is expected to reach unthinkable heights and the demand will be satisfied by a continuous replenishment supply of new concepts including those offering a very high return on investments.

At ARC we specialize in finding the right franchise for the right customer and thus we represent a number of a successful franchisors who entrusted us with the task of marketing their brand and finding the right partner.