ARC’s franchise clinic is our way of testing the degree of franchisability of a business by applying our own franchise evolution and if the business has a unique product or service adjustments can be made to adapt the business to the required environment which can result in a successful franchiser (Franchise Marketing Services).

When you as a franchisor outgrow your existing network, ARC assists you with further growth development.

  1. ARC Personnel On Loan to the franchisor:
    It is always refreshing to assist franchisors who have outgrown their franchise network and are in need of assistance during their growth development. ARC is able to provide daily or weekly consultancy assistance during the reorganization of the Franchise Division to fit the new expansion needs and on a semi permanent basis by providing temporary ARC personnel on loan to the franchisor until such time when the expanded Franchise Network is running once again at full efficiency, furthermore we will remain on “stand by” to assist you at all times.

  2. ARC’s Special Franchisor In-house Training Programs.

  3. ARC’s Establishing and International Division