An Existing Business becoming a “Franchisor” by establishing a network

It is often said that most successful existing business tend to be family owned with a proven track record and that consideration for becoming a Franchisor takes place when the new generation comes into the business an expansion become a real tangible goal, without having to inject additional capital into the business and then the consultants are often called in to develop the business.

At ARC we are able to turn such pre-existing successful businesses into Franchisors by developing the necessary franchise tools all of which are included in ARC’s franchise development program, (At ARC we have done so for many satisfied clients, in the F & B Industry, furniture, clothing, gifts, chocolates, flowers, Beauty and Health, and other sectors).

ARC’s Franchise Development Program , includes the infrastructure for a Franchise Division support system , the Franchise financial parameters including fee structure , modules and royalties, the legal franchise agreement terms and conditions, the operations manual, training program, product or service assembly manual, quality control systems, and the franchise network operational support cycle.


It is composed of a series of letters, documents, legal contracts and manuals, tools for a new Franchisor and divided into three distinctive integrated parts:

Part One Establishing the Franchise Division

and responding to a Franchise inquiry, setting up the Franchise criteria and Pricing the Franchise joining fee, royalties per country, duration, and modules branches being granted.

  1. ARC trains and assists the Franchisor in preparing the Letter of Response to any Inquiry regarding a franchise.
  2. ARC prepares the Franchisor’s Concept and Criteria for granting a franchise.
  3. ARC assists the Franchisor in Pricing the Franchises, for the Arab World, particularly in the Arab Gulf based on a turnover analysis. Also, in the Licensing Registration Concept which covers the trademark name.

Part Two – The Legal Aspects of the Franchise Process, the UFCO, the MOU and the Franchise agreement

  1. ARC trains the Franchisor in understanding the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which are executed prior to the Franchise Agreement.
  2. ARC trains the Franchisor in understanding the Franchise Agreement, which is available in both the English & Arabic Languages.

    Part Three ,The Manuals, Operations Training and Product/service assembly

    1. ARC develops and prepares the Franchisor’s Operating Manual to be used by the franchise .
    2. ARC develops and prepares the Franchisor’s “step-by-step” Training Manual to be used by the franchisee .
    • OPTIONAL: In the case of F & B Restaurants, ARC develops and prepares the Menu and Preparation Manual.

    ARC’s Franchise Handbooks for Middle Management, at ARC we believe that a Franchisor an Franchisee will always need the support of consultants because of the desire growth factor of the Franchisors network an new franchisees joining the network, and thus unlike other consultants we provide handbooks for the Franchisor to use within an in-house training program and will visit in the recruitment process whenever possible .