At ARC we offer the following lectures:

LECTURES ,  more than 20 topics for the public at large, Franchisees and Franchisors 

The series of lectures covers a wide range of Franchise topics staring with the cycle of the Franchise Process. Each lecture is composed of three 50 minute sessions with 10 minute break between each session, allowing those interested to attend either a morning  Franchise Lecture  from 9 to 12 am ,  an afternoon Lecture  from 2 to 5 pm  or the evening Lecture  from 6  to 9 pm , without disturbing their daily work or university routine .

Available as Lectures and also as seminar, and it is  recommended that lecture be attended first before the seminar.

Kindly contact our office to obtain a schedule with the dates, times , venues and lecture fees

ARC Franchise lectures and topics :

Code FCL 101 Topic : “Introduction to Franchising”  

Code FCL 101 A Topic : ”Franchises for women only“ 

Code FCL 102 Topic : “Choosing a Franchise“

Code FCL 103 Topic:  “Acquiring a Franchise”

Code FCL  104 Topic :  “Managing a Franchise“

Code FCL  105 Topic :  “Company evaluation to becoming  a Franchisor“

Code FCL 106 Topic : “The Franchise Tools required becoming a Franchisor”


Code FCL  107 Topic : Manuals “How to write up a set of manuals?”

Code FCL  107 A Topic : How to write up an Operations Manual?

Code FCL  107 B Topic : How to write up a Training Manual?

Code FCL  107 C Topic : How to write up a concept  Manual Product/ service assembly ?

Code FCL  107 D Topic : How to write up a Franchisors Human Resources Handbook?

Code FCL  107 E Topic :  How to write up a Project Coordinator  Handbook?

Code FCL  107 F Topic : How to write up a Branch Manager  Handbook?

Code FCL  107 G Topic : How to write up a 5 year Brand Development Program?

Code FCL 107 H Topic : How to produce and print your own Franchise Brochure?                                  

Code FCL  107 I Topic : How to establish your Franchisor International Franchise Division